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OpsPower Application Manager contac

Type of application required

EAP - Electrical access permit
SFT - Sanction for test
A/R/S - Auto reclose suppression
LLS - Live line sequence
LV cable jointing
VA - Work in the vicinity of electrical apparatus
HV Switching
NWA - Notification of work on apparatus
PTW - Permit to work
SILV - Statement of isolation of customer low voltage supply
SCAP - Statement of condition of apparatus
Plant outage
SCADA shutdown
Other (Specify below)

Select network where application is required

VESI    Private network / Embedded network

Your details

Job details

Date    Single day    Multiple days

(*Subject to network leadtimes, other network operations and outage notifications etc)

Application details

Do you require an OpsPower operator? No    Yes

Customer outage required? No    Yes
  Customer Interruption Time

  Customer Restoration Time
Recall time    (how quickly can you return the network)

Is there an ACCC? No    Yes
Is there a CRAB applicable? No    Yes
Does the application require a network patch or proposed asset (Jemena)? No    Yes

If you have selected multiple applications ie: EAP & SFT please specify EAP Times & SFT Times above

You can email any supporting documents for this application request including Maps, CRAB & ACCC to